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Groups focus on healing, from past or present negative, controlling and abusive, toxic relationships, teaching coping skills, and ways to begin healing. gaining insight into personal strengths, and ways to move beyond victimization. You will gain psycho-education, into negative cycles of violence, power and control. Lean how to build healthy relationships; communication, setting boundaries, trust, and equality. These Groups are for Women Only.

If you're looking for help with domestic violence or you are looking for a domestic violence support group, our professionals provide confidential support for spousal abuse or for individuals and couples in a violent relationship. They include domestic violence support groups and domestic violence therapists, counselors, advocates and psychologists who conduct domestic violence group counseling.

Our support groups can also help with children as victims of domestic violence, support for battered women and referrals to shelters throughout the United States and worldwide for that matter. Soft Echoes Webcasted Support Groups can help identify the signs of domestic violence, the differences between men and women as victims of domestic violence, and the distinctions of passive aggressive behavior. Group therapy takes many forms. Our Webcasted groups are variously referred to as counseling groups, support groups, peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. Whatever title that you wish to apply to our WebCasted Groups, they are moderated by professional group counselors, domestic violence victims advocates, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on specific issues or client profiles.

Grab A Seat

Grab a seat. Our Webcasted Victim Support Groups work. An evaluation of our Webcasted support groups for women victims of domestic assault revealed substantial benefits associated with group participation. These were Court Ordered Victims Programs requiring the attendance of at least 26 groups (once a week on average). A total of 101 women responded to an assessment package before, immediately after, and six-nine months following the first attended group. Significant improvements were found in self-esteem, belonging support, locus of control, less traditional attitudes towards marriage and the family, perceived stress, and marital functioning. Unexpectedly, clients currently living with their spouses also reported significant decreases in both physical and nonphysical abuse.

Although our WebCasted Groups are open and FREE to ALL WOMEN who have endured or are currently enduring physical and or nonphysical abuse, our Program is also certified and accepted by all courthouses nationwide meaning if you have a court order to complete a Victims Program on a Domestic Violence or Batterers Case, we can provide you with a "Certificate of Completion" as soon as the required amount of groups are attended.

Webcasted Groups are always available to our members, court ordered or not, whether you have been attending weekly groups for years after your first enrollment and group participation, or you attend periodically to align yourself, or you came back after several years do to a new relationship with developing issues that you want to address with your peers, or that you want to give back to the newcomers as a form of service. Once a member, always a member. We will be here for you with not only the Webcasted Groups that we provide for free but with ongoing resource updates and materials from this decade.

Privacy Protected Provider

Soft Echoes has been a trusted service provider since 2007. Confidentiality plays a vital role in the recovery process because it helps establish an environment in which victims and survivors feel more comfortable seeking assistance, making connections, and exercising their power within their right to choose what information to share, with whom, when, and how. Thus, confidentiality is a fundamental component of the relationship between a Soft Echoes, our staff, our victim advocates, and the victim or survivor.

Our WebCasted Domestic Violence Victim Services and our advocates, staff, and volunteers fill a unique and critical role. Our purpose is to ensure that victims know about their rights and options and the resources available to them so that the victim can make well-informed decisions. The more the victim learns to trust and find support in the relationship, the more the victim will have the capacity and strength to work through the assault and move forward. Soft Echoes offers a relationship—free of judgment, coercion, and betrayal—to each victim. The relationship is based on the discussion and limitation of confidentiality, the promise that Soft Echoes, our staff, advocates, and volunteers will do their best to uphold confidentiality, and will provide immediate notification if confidentiality has been breached.

Our Mission Begins with "Privacy First".

WebCasted Groups are open and FREE to ALL WOMEN If you think you may be a victim of domestic violence, please seek help soon and learn how to stop or prevent it escalating further. Call us or enroll securely and privately today. Please, Grab a seat. Welcome.