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Grab A Seat

Our Free Online Counseling Groups offer survivors the opportunity to join together to share experiences, connect, learn about the impact of trauma, develop coping strategies, and heal in a safe, supportive, and strength-based group setting. Speaking and sharing in a group can help survivors to deal with their remaining anxiety and find ways to relieve that stress.
The therapist facilitators and the peers in the WebCasted group can help to process traumatic memories or experiences so that it is possible to move on. They can also aid survivors in learning to regulate their strong emotions like fear and anger. Are you, or a loved one, a Survivor? Please, Grab a Seat. Welcome.

WebCasted Support Groups

Survivor Support Groups are a key component of the Soft Echoes Mission. They WebCasted Groups offer survivors an opportunity to connect with other survivors and receive and give support. Some benefits of a peer support group include:

  • Gaining support and hope from others facing similar experiences.
  • Feeling less anxious, afraid or alone.
  • Sharing experiences and helping others.
  • Learning new skills for coping and enhancing your life.
  • Becoming more self confident.
  • Feeling more in control.
  • Developing new friendships.


Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injury impacts not only the physical functioning of the individual but the psychosocial health of the individual and their family. Trauma survivors – the individuals and the families – may face social isolation, financial upheaval, and continuing feelings of anger, depression, or guilt. A survivor’s sense of self is challenged, and social support systems can be exhausted before recovery is complete. By normalizing the experience of recovery and increasing the survivor’s self-efficacy through education and resource sharing, support groups have the potential to strengthen the survivor’s coping, as well as reduce isolation. Every support group is facilitated by a trauma survivor.